PB choco chip scones

Baking scones is my new drug and all-time high. I’ve been on a baking spree ever since I baked them for the first time just last week. These PB chocolate chip scones are my 5th bake! Baking scones is such a joyous experience for me that it would be madness not to bake them, especially now that Keaton is one and I’m beginning to have some snippets of time in the night.

This special request was by my husband. He’d specifically sniffed out PB and milk chocolate chips on our trip to Bulk Barn, to concoct his signature scone — and he’s proud of it, too. We both are. These scones are scrumptious — calling all PB lovers! While it was tempting to keep devouring them, we had to put a break on our bellies. Tomorrow and the following mornings are young; we’re in good company for breakfast.

My energy was zapped tonight, and I had a choice between relaxing on the couch and watching a movie with my husband — and, as always, praying to the Little Lord that he gives us a break for the night — or baking. While the former felt like the more fitting choice for my mood and energy level, I decided to bake scones instead; and in doing so is where I happily found my energy and zest. Hubs hasn’t seen me this excited in a long while, and neither have I. And it feels darn good.

I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in doing something as simple as baking recently. Finding something to do and creating time to accomplish it — be it baking, writing, or reading — in the midst of motherhood and a pandemic is crucial for me, as it gives me a sense of achievement and purpose. I’m starting to feel more in alignment again with who I am, and that’s when I know I’m headed in the right direction. I’m doing right by myself, aren’t I? I’m happy with that.

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