Matcha scones

I love, love matcha desserts. Matcha and scones — it’s a seductive combination that’s almost unearthly. This sexy culture that’s glorified in today’s society — forget it, nothing tempts me. I’m only foaming at the mouth if I see matcha scones. They just do this thing, argh. How does one even write about it? Help, I’m clogged for words.

I’ve only had a few matcha scones in my life thus far, but I do have my reserved all-time favourite. Funnily, while I’m not vegan, my favourite matcha scones are actually from Little Jo Berry’s in Ottawa, an all-vegan bakery that’s very much loved by locals. When I lived there, I’d often order half a dozen scones for my parents and I. All her scones are witty and clever, but it was the matcha that tickled my taste buds into pure bliss.

When I moved to Montreal in 2017, I stopped at a matcha teahouse on the first day. I’d scoured the internet for the best matcha scones in the city and braved the cold March weather to find solace for my tired soul. But when I saw their matcha scones in the display case, they looked sad — like they’d had a bad day. And I knew. After the first bite, I felt disappointed, but more so, saddened. Their matcha scone was sadly stale and lacking in flavour, which was unfortunate, because reviews were raving.

Today, and years later, I baked matcha scones myself. It was my first time baking them, and if it’s not too much to say, they were the best matcha scones I’ve ever eaten. They were actually the best scones I’ve had the pleasure of devouring. I’m partial because I’m weak in the knees for matcha; nevertheless, how these scones turned out on all levels was pure heaven.

I wasn’t shy when it came to adding matcha powder. I wanted my scones to be green, green; I wanted to smell the matcha and to taste it at first bite. Heck, I wanted to eat matcha! There was no other way. I added spoonfuls of matcha like my life depended on it.

I needn’t say more. I’m just in a coma of disbelief. I cracked the code. I baked my ideal scone. I’ve accomplished my life’s purpose. I’m at peace.

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