Stalking turkeys

We’re blessed to live in the city and to have access to nature just a short drive away from our home. Lately, we’ve been exploring different trails nearby, which I hadn’t discovered until recently.

Walking through the woods has always been my favourite hobby or getaway; and now, more than ever, I’ve been needing its healing effect. So we’ve been taking these walks a few times a week, especially when temperatures are mild. It’s done me so much good so far.

Keaton’s been loving these winter hikes, too, especially looking out for birds, squirrels, and other little critters. It’s so cute to see how curious and excited he gets, and how he loves sitting on daddy’s shoulders during our walks. His big, happy smile makes my heart full.

My heart is complete during these simple moments. Carrying my sweet Gaia against me whilst walking alongside my son and husband in nature — there’s no happier place on earth.

PS. We came across two wild turkeys. I’d just noticed how beautiful they are — their colourful and shiny fur coat. Funnily, farther along the trail, they snuck up right behind my husband, just as he was taking a photo of us. Not sure if they were gangster turkeys trying to gang up on us.

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