Day Trip from Paris: Le Château de Versailles


Escaping the congestion of Paris and journeying to Versailles was a much appreciated experience for me. The train ride was remarkably smooth and quick; I rested my leg on the seat opposite me and just stared out the window in silence, lost in the calm of it all, while appreciating the scenery.

I had expected the lineup to buy tickets at the Château de Versailles to be long, but it was surprisingly short and I got my tickets after just a brief wait. That didn’t mean the Château wasn’t crowded, though; in fact, it was so packed that we could’ve all shared one breath in the same room. Nevertheless, the Château was undeniably majestic, particularly the Hall of Mirrors.

Just as I had felt in Paris, it felt surreal to be physically there after witnessing its beauty on the Internet for so many years. But more than the Château itself, I fell in love with Versailles’s streets and nooks and crannies. I particularly enjoyed peeking into bakery windows and salivating over the delectable sweets (there were even meringues as big as my face!). I also ate the best baguette sandwich; the bread was almost pretzel-like!

Delicious pretzel-like baguette

Delicious pretzel-like baguette

I’m glad I allocated most of my time exploring surrounding markets and sitting at empty gardens aside from visiting the Château that day; there were no tourists, only locals. As with any country, when you escape the city centre and its hustle and bustle, oftentimes you’d gather that locals tend to be more relaxed, and that’s what I sensed here: a collective tranquility looming in the air. Here are some neat finds.

image image image image

I’m writing this as I’m waiting for my flight to Prague. See you again shortly, Paris! 

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