Tokyo, Japan: Shibuya dance


A morning stroll along the Meguro River, where cherry blossoms abound in the springtime.

Hooray for having crossed the Shibuya Crossing and doing a little bit of the Shibuya dance! Although I didn’t get to snap a photo of the infamous crossing, I did take some photos of it from different angles. Frankly, I feared that if I stopped I’d be knocked down like a bowling pin.


It was a ritual for me to unwind at Ueno Park every evening before heading home. One evening, I walked far and wide in the vicinity of the park in search of an ice cream cone, where I later learned that this park was far more gigantic than I had imagined. This search led me to a little amusement park where the perfect cone awaited me: a cherry blossom vanilla swirl! But before getting one, I was prompted to a nearby vending machine to purchase a ticket first — a rather fun process.

The evening was young, the air was warm, and kids were running to and fro; and there I was, sitting on a bench with an ice cream cone in hand, on cloud 9. “I feel like a pedophile watching kids from a distance,” I laughed to myself. But then again, what’s a little girl of 5’0 in a polkadot dress with an ice cream cone in hand gonna do, really? Needless to say, it was a lovely night; I felt like a kid all over again at the amusement part. And the best part? I was alone.


Wrapping up my evening at the Ueno Toshogu Shrine. The walk through the gateway was surreal; I felt transported to ancient times.

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