There goes Daddy Long Legs


Hiking on Wolf Trail. This trail leads to one of the highest points in Gatineau Park, and stopping at the lookouts for snack and lunch breaks while enjoying the picturesque views was really neat! Steep as it was, I still enjoyed the climbs and the muddy and slippery slopes, and would’ve actually liked to have gone at an even faster pace or tried running the entire way. It’s nice to step out of your comfort zone, for it’s in that mystical area that you discover your hidden potentials, and a world of possibilities await.


After an awesome hike, while the sillies all went out for pizza, I craved a delicious hot drink instead, so I ventured on my own to Les Saisons Cafe Coffee House, a quaint little cafe just outside of Gatineau Park in Chelsea, Quebec. A pumpkin latte to warm up my body after a chilly day outside was just what I needed. Yum!

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