Ray Donovan’s doppelgänger


Cacao 70 @ 2087 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, QC

After having dinner with our cousin S, M and I had a date night at Cacao 70, a dessert haven for all the chocolate (and sweets) lovers. I heard of Cacao 70 only after stumbling upon reviews of it here on WordPress, and ever since then, it became the first contender to occupy my list of dessert joints to visit in Montreal.

As anticipated, because it’s a popular late night dessert venue in the downtown area, it was packed. However, it was precisely the sight of young adult couples and friends around the room laughing and having a good time, that gave the atmosphere a vivacious and heart-warming touch. It’s no secret that each one of us share a weakness for sweets, and therefore, I think it’s safe to say, an unbreakable soul-to-soul understanding of each other’s life longings.

Scanning the shop, I couldn’t help but eyeball other people’s plates of delicious goodies. Classic chocolate fondue, chocolate marshmallow pizza, Nutella and fruit crepe, Tutti-Frutti waffle, raspberry brownie parfait — you name it, everything was on the menu. Although M likes crepes and I like waffles, we decided to share a plate of dessert as we were still recuperating from dinner, and together we compromised on a selection that could be said to have fallen from the heavens: the banana split waffle.

Topped with caramelized bananas, drizzled with melted milk chocolate, and served with a side of vanilla ice cream, chocolate-coated cereal, and chocolate melt, this plate was divine. The waffle was warm, soft, and fluffy; the caramelized bananas were sweet and crunchy from the coat of caramel; and the melted chocolate spelled heaven on earth for the chocolate fans.

019 025

It was a breezy summer evening, and instead of heading straight home, M gave me a tour around Mount Royal knowing that I’ve been longing to visit the site again, as it’s been years since I’ve last stepped foot there. The site was beautiful — just as I remember it. In fact, sanding atop the mountain overlooking the mesmerizing city lights made me long for my childhood days.


Meet Pepé Le Pew

Raccoons at Mount Royal! There were so many of them that everywhere I stepped, I could almost feel a little furry body brushing up against my legs. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should be running for the hills like my life depended on it, wrapping my limbs around a stranger’s back like a koala bear, or simply relaxing and befriending these raccoons.

Everywhere around me, visitors were petting, feeding, and playing with these wild raccoons without the slightest fear. In fact, one gent rolled on the ground next to a raccoon just to take a selfie. I couldn’t help but laugh, because one thing’s certain: Montrealers are hilarious and crazy. Especially crazy. I know because they’re my people.

Apparently, these raccoons are harmless because they’re already used to having human interaction, so it’s normal to feed and play with them. M told me that they can even be selective about what food they eat; that is, between regular chips and ketchup chips, they prefer the latter. I thought this was pretty funny.

Mother, father, babies — they were all so fluffy and chubbs that my inner Agnes was about to manifest itself. I even entertained the idea of kidnapping them and bringing them home with me. So adorable!

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