Varadero, Cuba: Blanket burrito

Iberostar Varadero Resort

May 25 – June 1, 2014

On our first day checking in, I noted just how beautiful the resort was. The staff was just as lovely, if not more so. At every twist and turn we ventured, we were greeted by a smile and a hola, a heart-warming surprise!

Our main eat throughout the trip was at the buffet, although they do have restaurants and food shacks around the resort, which we also tried. I lived and breathed the dessert section at the buffet during our stay, though, I ain’t gon’ lie. My body was always ready for it.

Breakfast marked our favourite time of the day. That feeling you get when you leave your air conditioned room early in the morning to go have a bite, while most of the guests are still asleep and the resort’s empty and quiet, is wonderful. We also enjoyed seeing our server friend, C, every morning at breakfast. I think he was bent on getting us drunk first thing in the morning. “Some wine? Beer?” What a jokester.

Our first night there was quite hilarious. After my sister had told me about her untimely encounter with a tiny lizard in the Dominican, I pretty much slept with one eye open. It was the prospect of these little critters crawling under my pjs — especially because we housed the first floor — that caused me mental pain. Had I known about this earlier, I would’ve brought adult diapers and worn them to sleep.

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